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​The ABCDs of Working Together is a school program created by the Chamber Music Society of Fort Worth that targets underserved schools in the Fort Worth Independent School District.  The program seeks to create an appreciation and love for chamber music and the music-making process.

Pianist and pedagogue, Sara Doan, engages students in a learning experience that demonstrates the common elements of music making in the everyday lives of students. Awareness, Balance, Communication, and
Discipline are necessary components in making music and doing well at school.

Based on a combination of live performance and direct teaching, the ABCD program allows students to directly participate in the ensemble rehearsal process. Participants leave with a clear understanding of the "A, B, C, Ds" of working together.


1- To help students understand and recognize the
need for working together to reach a common
goal or solve a problem.
2- To promote music through chamber music.
3- To expose students to live classical music.


1- The program is designed for 2nd through 4th grade students.

2- The program targets underserved/minority schools in the

Fort Worth Independent School District.


1- Sara Doan (piano) and a other artists will perform

a variety of classical pieces and familiar popular tunes

in a mock rehearsal.
2- Use the theme “ABCDs of Working Together” to

represent the following concepts utilized by musicians

when performing together: Awareness, Balance,
and Discipline.
3- Students must utilize the concepts by helping the

performers overcome the issues they encounter during

the rehearsal.
4- Demonstrate the results of utilizing the concepts by

presenting a recital.

Set Up: A large space with a piano. A microphone is preferable, but not always necessary.

Duration: The tentative duration is 35 minutes.


Sara Doan - ABCDs of Working Together Program Director -