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Learning with the Masters


The Chamber Music Society of Fort Worth's Education Outreach is made up of three programs.


  • The A,B,C,D's is an educational initiative by the Chamber Music Society of Fort Worth that targets under-served elementary students. It seeks to inspire children and students to be excited about chamber music and the music-making process.  The program engages students in a learning experience demonstrating that the elements integral to the making of music are integral to the everyday lives of the students.

  • Learning with the Masters is an integral component of the Chamber Music Society of Fort Worth's continuing work to support young aspiring musicians. Through heartfelt conversations and story recollections by guest artists, as well as master classes, Learning with the Masters gives insight and encouragement by the time-honored tradition of passing down wisdom from teacher to pupil.

  • CMSFW2 identifies college-age students who are on track for important professional careers by giving them the opportunity to perform in a highly sought-after venue for a seasoned chamber music audience.

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