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All program notes are protected by copyright.  No publication or broadcast is permitted without permission of the author, Laurie Shulman.



October 19, 2013

    "The Colors of Impressionism" presented by the

     Miró Quartet


November 16, 2013

     "From Venice of the North to New York Harbor"

      presented by the Atrium Quartet


January 4, 2014

     "Levinson and Friends:  Strings with Flair"


February 8, 2014

     "The Orient Express to Argentina"


March 29, 2014

    “Virtuosi of Two Centuries: Benny Goodman

     and Richard Mühlfeld”


April 19, 2014

    “The Melding of Art, History & Personal Reflection”


May 17, 2014

    "Trio of Perspectives: Caviar & Bordeaux"


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