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"Not Your Parents' Chestnuts"

February 11, 2017’s concert by the Amernet string quartet was truly exceptional. The Bartok#3, the Romance and the D minor quartet by Dvořák were remarkably played, and I will not comment on them further and let the critics speak.

I would like to comment briefly on the transcription of the Appassionata by Jeffery Briggs. This piano sonata is a monumental work of Beethoven’s middle or heroic period. Beethoven thought it was one of his best sonatas, but he never called it Appassionata (it was so named by his publisher). This piece has more tragic and tempestuous undertones than romance.

I was very impressed by Mr. Briggs, his interview, his work, and his background as pianist and composer. I was deeply moved by the beautiful performance by the Amernet. Their playing emphasized the nature of the music even more than the piano. I found the andante movement especially well expressed by the strings with its slow march and sadness. This contrasted with the almost volcanic eruption of the last movement that ends so tragically.

I also enjoyed meeting the musicians and the composer. It was indeed a great evening.

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