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Laurie Shulman


Pre-Concert Conversations with Laurie Shulman
1:15 pm before every CMSFW concert

Arrive early for 1:15 pm regularly scheduled discussions before each concert. The Pre-Concert Conversations will be held in the auditorium 45 minutes prior to the 2:00 pm scheduled time for the concerts to begin.

Dr. Laurie Shulman. Sometimes she may be joined by Artistic Director Gary Levinson or other musicians. The talks will focus on the scheduled music and musicians, as well as on the experience of the players themselves, or the musician's approach to the works about to be played.


For more than years Dr. Shulman has been a program annotator for orchestras, chamber music series, and summer festivals throughout the United States. She comes from a family of musicians: Her father was the prominent and well known composer, Alan Shulman. Her mother was an accomplished pianist and music educator.

Laurie Shulman, musicologist

Dr. Shulman studied European History as an undergraduate at Syracuse University, eventually earning an M.A. and Ph.D. from Cornell in historical musicology. She is noted for her animated delivery, entertaining explanations, and enthusiasm, as well as her ability to weave together the history, music, and culture of the music to be performed. To quote a recent patron, “I am so struck and delighted by the beautiful way she incorporates history and technical aspects with such knowledge, lyricism, and love, that to experience them is nothing short of joyous.”



In the auditorium where the concert will take place. 



1:15 pm before the scheduled 2:00 pm performance time.


Free with your concert ticket purchase.

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